Agilent E4433B ESG-D Series Signal Generator, 250 kHz – 4 GHz


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This unit has been refurbished to ensure all the BNC connectors are in good
shape. Tested, see report for details. Has the following options:
1E5: High-stability timebase
UND: Internal dual arbitrary waveform generator
UN4: I/Q Baseband Generator
UN5: Multichannel IS-95 CDMA personality

This instrument can be delivered with a fresh calibration at additional cost. See details here. Please inquire if interested.
We offer a 5-day right of refusal as well as 90-day warranty against defects. Complete terms can be found here.

OEM Description

Key standard features for entire ESG family

  • Expandable
  • Broad frequency coverage
  • Choice of
    electronic or mechanical attenuator
  • Superior level accuracy
  • Wideband FM and PM
  • Step sweep (frequency, power
    and list)
  • Built-in function generator
  • Lightweight, rack-
  • 1-year warranty
  • 2-year calibration cycle

Standard features only in the digital series

  • Broadband analog
    I/Q inputs
  • I/Q adjustment capabilities and internal calibration
  • Excellent modulation accuracy and stability
  • Coherent carrier

Please note:  Any test equipment depicted other than that listed below is for demonstration purposes and is not included in the sale.

What’s In The Box

  • Agilent E4433B ESG-D Series Signal Generator, no