Test Equipment Inventory Phantoms

The used and reconditioned test equipment market can be a zoo with some unusual beasts but none stranger than the inventory phantom!  These companies list on their website thousands of pieces of equipment, but strangely, many of them do not include prices.  Our view on this is that its impossible for a customer to make up their mind if they want a piece of equipment without knowing how much they will be expected to pay for it.  So why do these equipment vendors do this?  Because they don’t actually have the equipment!  They may share stock lists with another vendor or they may simply start to acquire that piece of equipment once they get an inquiry but either way they are not ready to ship.  Of course this benefits that vendor since they save the costs associated with maintaining an inventory.

Our philosophy is that our customers expect us to maintain inventory on any piece of equipment they might buy from us and have it ready for shipment.  Of course our inventory is limited and we may not have what you want but that’s inevitable.  We expect that the search engine you probably used to locate this equipment will take you to one of our competitors who will have what you want.  What isn’t inevitable is not being transparent about what inventory we have, what it will cost you, and when we can ship it.    All equipment listed on our website is tested, has a price displayed, and is available for immediate shipment.  Our idea of immediate is that if you order by 1PM it ships the same day.  If for any reason this can’t happen we’ll let you know right away so you can decide if you want to purchase elsewhere.

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