Stanford Research Systems SRS SR620 Time Interval Counter


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This instrument can be delivered with a fresh Guaranteed Pass calibration at additional cost. Please inquire if interested.

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OEM Description

The Stanford Research Systems SR620 Time Interval Counter performs
practically all the time and frequency measurements required in the
laboratory or ATE environment. The instrument’s high single-shot timing
resolution, low jitter, and outstanding flexibility make it the counter of choice
for almost any application.

Time Measurements: You can measure time intervals with 25 ps rms
resolution, making the SRS SR620 one of the highest resolution counters
available. Time intervals up to 1000 seconds can be measured with 50 ps
relative accuracy, and 500 ps absolute accuracy.

Measurement Flexibility: The SR620 also measures frequency (up to 1.3
GHz), pulse-width, rise and fall time, period, and phase. Frequency can be
measured with gates from 1 ps to 500 s, making the SR620 suitable
applications as varied as the measurement of short-term phase locked loop
jitter, to the study of the long-term drift of atomic clocks. Up to 11 digits of
frequency resolution for a 1 s measurement are provided. All measurement
modes are supported by a wide variety of flexible arming and triggering

Complete Statistical Calculations: Statistics are automatically calculated on
sample sizes from one to one million. The mean, standard deviation, Allan
variance, minimum or maximum, can all be displayed on the front panel or
quickly dumped to your computer via the standard GPIB and RS-232

Graphics and Hardcopy: Unlike conventional counters that only have numeric
displays, the SR620 provides live, graphical displays of measurement results.
Histograms and stripcharts can be displayed on any oscilloscope with an X-
axis input, or output to HP-GL compatible plotters and dot-matrix printers.
Convenient on-screen cursors and display annotation facilitate the analysis of
measured data.

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What’s In The Box

  • SRS SR620 Time interval / frequency counter (No