LeCroy 6100 Oscilloscope, 1GHz, 5/10 GSa/s (4/2 channels)


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Refurbished and tested.
This instrument can be delivered with a fresh calibration at additional cost. See details here. Please inquire if interested.
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The WaveRunner 6100 is a 1 GHz DSO with a 5/10 GSa/s (4/2 channels) sampling rate, 1 Mpoint of acquisition memory per channel. All WaveRunner 6000 Series DSOs come with a standard 8.4” color touch-screen display, advanced triggers for troubleshooting, and a wide variety of signal measurement capabilities.

Analog Persistence
The WaveRunner 6000 Series also includes the LeCroy proprietary technology for capturing multiple waveforms in an Analog Persistence oscilloscope display mode. With one touch of the “Analog Persist” button, this display technique allows the DSO to capture many acquisitions of a signal which are then displayed in persistence mode on the bright 8.4” TFT screen. The data has brightness-graded intensity, similar to an analog oscilloscope, and the data can be digitally “aged” (with a time constant set by the user) to simulate the action of phosphor on an analog screen. Analog Persistence capability allows the user to see voltage vs. time, and also a third dimension of signal activity – the intensity of the signal over a period of time.

Alternatively, the persistence display can also have “thermal” grading, using colors ranging from red (hot) to blue (cool). The display can even show 3D views of the persistence map – a new way of viewing signal aberrations.

SMART Trigger
The WaveRunner 6000 Series of oscilloscopes includes a powerful set of SMART Triggers that include edge, glitch, pulse width, window, interval width, state and edge qualified, and dropout. Time and events holdoff are also standard.

The WaveRunner 6100 exclusion triggering based on signal timeout, glitch/pulse width, pattern width, or signal/pattern interval. The exclusion trigger allows the DSO user to have a maximum chance of capturing rare events by keeping the trigger circuit active nearly 100% of the time. All the triggers are easy to access and easy to set up.
Please note:  Any test equipment depicted other than that listed below is for demonstration purposes and is not included in the sale.

What’s In The Box

  • LeCroy 6100 1GHz digital storage oscilloscope (accessories not included)