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Chroma 61602 Programmable AC Power Source, 1000VA


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Product Description

Tested. Like new condition.
This instrument can be delivered with a fresh calibration at additional cost. See details here. Please inquire if interested.
We offer a 5-day right of refusal as well as 90-day warranty against defects. Complete terms can be found here.

OEM Description

Chroma Programmable AC Power Source 61600 series delivers pure, instrument grade AC power at very low cost. The 61600 series supplies output voltage from 0 to 300VAC, and frequencies from 15 to 1000Hz. It is suitable for commercial, avionics, and military applications from bench-top testing to mass production.

Slew Rate of Voltage & Frequency
The Chroma Programmable AC Power Source 61600 Series use DSP technology for programming voltage waveforms. Users can change the voltage or frequency in only one step, or they can set the slew rate to get a gradual increase or decrease of voltage and frequency. This can help users to easily test the power input range (for example, 90V-264V/47Hz-63Hz) of their products.

One-Key Recall Mode
The Chroma Programmable AC Power Source 61600 Series allows users to save 9 voltage and frequency combinations. Users can recall these values by pressing the “1” to “9” keys on the control panel. This can help testers or manufacture operators easily change the voltage or frequency for a variety of fixed test conditions.

Comprehensive Measurements
The Chroma Programmable AC Power Source 61600 Series has a built in 16-bit precision measurement circuit and firmware utilities to measure RMS voltage, RMS current, true power, power factor, peak repetitive current, inrush current, current crest factor, VA (apparent power), and VAR (reactive power). These comprehensive measurements make the Chroma Programmable AC Power Source 61600 Series not only a power source but also a highly capable power meter.

High Output Current Crest Factor & Turn On/Off Phase Angle Control
The Chroma Programmable AC Power Source 61600 Series is capable of providing high output current crest factors (Max. 6). It delivers sufficient transient power that is required for testing most rectified input type power circuits. The programmable on/off phase angle control makes the 61600 series AC source ideal for inrush current test.
Please note:  Any test equipment depicted other than that listed below is for demonstration purposes and is not included in the sale.

What’s In The Box

  • Chroma 61602 with attached power cable (No other accessories)