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Associated Research HI POT Cable Set


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Product Description

Cables are in original packaging and sell for $127 new. Has following cables:

4040A-08 Standard High Voltage cable. Compatible Models: 37xx, 38xx,
4500D, 76xx, 7700, 7704,
78xx, 810x, 82xx. List Price: $39.00

CBLSR-15 HIPOT return lead, 15 foot. Used with: 37xx, 38xx, 4500D, 620L,
76xx, 7700, 78xx,
810x, 82xx. List Price: $59.00

37863 RS-232 Cable Assembly. Used with: All Models List Price:

AC power cable.

We offer a 5-day right of refusal as well as 90-day warranty against defects. Complete terms can be found here.

OEM Description

4040A-08 Standard high voltage test lead for applying the hipot test voltage to
the Device Under Test (DUT). The test lead is 5 foot in length and is terminated
in an alligator clip that allows for easy application of the test voltage.

CBLSR-15 This is a 15 foot hipot return lead. It allows hipot test voltage to return to the hipot tester and is terminated in an alligator clip.

Please note:  Any test equipment depicted other than that listed below is for demonstration purposes and is not included in the sale.

What’s In The Box

  • Associated Research 4040A-08 Standard High Voltage cable
  • Associated Research CBLSR-15 HIPOT return lead
  • Associated Research 37863 RS-232 Cable
  • AC Power Cable