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Agilent N2800A 16 GHz InfiniiMax III Series Probe Amplifier


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Product Description

This instrument can be delivered with a fresh calibration at additional cost. See details here. Please inquire if interested.
We offer a 5-day right of refusal as well as 90-day warranty against defects. Complete terms can be found here.


The InfiniiMax III probing system provides the highest bandwidth and incredibly low loading to allow for a completely new level of signal fidelity and accuracy. A proprietary 200 GHz fT InP (indium phosphide) IC process with backside ground vias and novel thick film technology is utilized for the InfiniiMax III probe system to accommodate your highest performance needs and is unmatched by any product in the market.

Key Features
Full 16 GHz to the probe tip
Industry’s lowest probe and scope system noise
Industry’s highest fidelity and accuracy due to bandwidth and extremely low loading
Probe amplifiers loaded with measured s-parameters for more accurate response correction
Probe bandwidth upgradable
Variety of probe heads for different use models with maximum usability (Probe heads not included)

Please note:  Any test equipment depicted other than that listed below is for demonstration purposes and is not included in the sale.

What’s In The Box

  • Agilent N2800A Probe Amplifier
  • Documentation CD
  • Channel Identification Rings
  • Case
  • Strain relief putty (N5439-65201)